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The Premier Exalted Podcast, Covering Exalted: Third Edition, as well as First and Second. Exalted is a Role-Playing Game (RPG) by White Wolf and Onyx Path Publishing.

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The Deliberative Episode 4: The Dynamic Dice App Duo!


Interview with a Vampire Dice App Developer (Two of them)! And we all address listener questions!

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The Deliberative Episode 3: We Never Lose!


Sorcery challenge results! And is it a problem if Solars can never lose?

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The Deliberative Episode 2: Sorcery Supreme!


Lunars: Fangs at the Gate, and a discussion on Sorcery, plus listener mail!

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The Deliberative Episode 1: Game Above All Games!


The Dragon-Blooded Kickstarter ends, and we talk about why you should play Exalted above other games!

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