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The Premier Exalted Podcast, Covering Exalted: Third Edition, as well as First and Second. Exalted is a Role-Playing Game (RPG) by White Wolf and Onyx Path Publishing.

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Wyld Shape Episode 1: Trouble in a Pair of Dice - Part 2


New from the crew of The Deliberative Podcast, Wyld Shape is an Exalted Third Edition Actual Play.  These short story-esque episodes each tell a small part of a much larger tale.  The characters and Storytellers may change from episode to episode, but the big plots and and stories are always moving through all of the interrelated tales.

In this second part of "Trouble in a Pair of Dice" the unlikely group of heroes chase down the murderer from the dice game in the Angry Picket, and try to discover if a larger plot may be stirring in the desert.

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